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Functional Asphalt and testing services in Edmonton

Asphalts are mainly used for roadways or pavements in construction projects because of their exceptional binding properties and waterproofing qualities together with relatively low cost. Asphalt materials consist of bitumen which is a dark-colored or black viscous cementitious substance or solid consisting essentially of high molecular weight. We at Central Material Testing do Asphalt quality control testing in Edmonton for hydrocarbon derivatives of petroleum or natural asphalt having adhesive properties as well as being soluble in carbon disulfide Tar. Besides, enriched in the properties and characteristics of Asphalt; the residues from the destructive distillation of organic substances such as coal, petroleum, or wood have a great sensitivity to temperature. We have the best services for asphalt testing in Edmonton, Alberta, Calgary, Fort MacMurray, Red Water, Red Deer, British Columbia, Chetwynd, Fort St. John, and Hudson’s Hope.

Get the right Asphalt quality control in Edmonton

Asphalt is the residue or by-product obtained from crude petroleum refinement. A wide range of refinery processes including solvent extraction process, straight distillation process, etc. may be employed to yield asphalt of different consistency and other required properties. Depending on the foundations and characteristics of the crude oils, asphalt properties can be evaluated. Central Material Testing determines the consistency of asphalt cement and identifies with which process it is softer. Asphalt cools down to room temperature and becomes a semi-solid viscous material to give maximum properties. Asphalt quality control in Edmonton is handled with great care at our regional laboratories.

Make the construction projects stronger with CMT

Central Material Testing is a leading service provider offering testing services related to asphalt quality control in Edmonton. We are a team of experts & technicians that can evaluate the strength, density, and other geotechnical properties of asphalt. We are certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL). Central Material Testing has high-quality testing equipment for construction materials and Quality Control and Assurance in Edmonton. We follow the way for inventive materials testing for commercial, residential, and other industries as well as government construction projects. Central Testing Material offer experienced technical support staff to work closely with your asphalt testing in Edmonton. We help you with the right selection of testing procedures. We follow ASTM and AASHTO standards for making the perfect results to evaluate the right use of asphalt for construction projects. We are readily available for help in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Water, Red Deer, British Columbia, Chetwynd, Fort St. John, and Hudson’s Hope with your testing needs.

How Central Material Testing can help with Asphalt quality testing in Edmonton?

Central Material Testing has state-of-the-art asphalt testing in Edmonton with a high level of expertise and technical support. We offer construction materials testing, inspection, testing, quality control, and assurance services to government and provincial departments for construction projects related to roads, bridges, and schools as well as land development. We provide excellent residential, industrial, commercial, and recreational project-related testing services.  We have successful projects related to the mining industries including substations, wind projects, transmission lines, dams, and refineries. Central Material Testing has innovative equipment and testing methods that give asphalt quality control testing in Edmonton.

Central Material Testing is a privately owned and operated materials testing Lab in Edmonton, British Columbia, and adjacent regions. We focus on material testing on asphalt, concrete, and aggregate to give a reliable report with 99% accuracy to make your construction project tougher.  We have years of experience offering consistent and reliable asphalt quality control testing in Edmonton.

Central Material Testing is offering services in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Water, Red Deer, British Columbia, Chetwynd, Fort St. John, and Hudson’s Hope. Get your asphalt quality control testing in Edmonton, we offer the best services and related testing standards for a superior experience and successful construction projects with years of service life. We are committed to reliable services with 24 hours turnover time for report generation. We do offer remote testing to your construction sites when and where possible.

Asphalt testing in Edmonton and Central Material Testing Services

There are a number of tests to assess the properties of asphalt materials. The following tests are usually carried to evaluate different properties of asphalt materials at Central Material Testing in Edmonton, Alberta, Calgary, Fort MacMurray, Red Water,
Red Deer, British Columbia, Chetwynd, Fort St. John, and Hudson’s Hope.

  • Ductility test: Ductility is the property that permits how much deformation or elongation an asphalt material can go. At Central Material Testing, asphalt testing in Edmonton is carried out for making the entire construction project. Ductility is usually measured as the distance in cm with a standard sample or briquette of the material that will be elongated without breaking. The measurement of the briquette thus made is exactly 1 cm square. The asphalt sample is heated and emptied in the block assembly and placed on a plate. These models with moulds are chilled in the air and then in a water bath at 27C temperature. A minimum ductility range of 75 cm has been specified by CMT.
  • Softening point test: Asphalt quality control in Edmonton evaluates softening point and indicates the temperature at which the asphalt attains a particular degree of softening under the conditions of the test. Asphalt quality control in Edmonton is conducted by employing Ring and Ball apparatus. Asphalt testing in Edmonton with brass ring contains test samples of asphalt suspended in liquid like water or glycerin at a specific temperature. Normally, a higher softening point indicates lower temperature vulnerability and is used in hot climates.
  • Penetration test: It measures the hardness or softness of asphalt by calculating the depth in tenths of a millimeter at which an average loaded needle will enter vertically in 5 seconds. Central Material Testing has standardized the equipment and test process. In this test, the penetrometer consists of a needle assembly with a total mass of 100g and an apparatus for releasing and locking in some positions. The asphalt is softened to a pouring consistency and poured into containers at a depth of 15 mm for expected penetration. Central Material Testing, asphalt testing in Edmonton is performed onsite and in the laboratory for superior sampling and results.
  • Viscosity test: Asphalt quality control in Edmonton can be evaluated by viscosity signifies the fluid property of asphalt material and it is the amount of resistance to flow. The properties of asphalt greatly influence the strength of consequential paving mixes. At central Material Testing; low or high viscosity during compaction can be observed to show results and positivity in lower stability values. Asphalt quality control in Edmonton by CMT offers you onsite and laboratory services.
  • Specific gravity test: In construction projects, the floors & pavements needs classification based on the binder and the density property. At Central Material Testing, asphalt is weighed, but when employed with aggregates, density values are calculated. The density of asphalt is greatly influenced by its chemical composition. I Increase in specific gravity is increased by aromatic-type mineral impurities. The specific gravity can be calculated using either a pycnometer preparing a cube specimen.
  • Water content test: It is desirable that the asphalt contains minimum water content to avert lathering of the asphalt when it is heated above the boiling point of water. The allowable water content should be less than 0.2% by weight.

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Central Material Testing is an employee-based company having a group of certified material technicians. We follow standard methods as outlined by the American Standards Testing Methods (ASTM), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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