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Concrete Testing in Edmonton

Get Partnered with Central Material Testing for Concrete Evaluation

Central Material Testing provides concrete testing in Edmonton and throughout western Canada. The services are done under the supervision of the testing technician in Edmonton for accurate measurement of concrete selection, properties, and design of concrete materials as well as quality control services for concrete construction for compliance with the design specifications in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort MacMurray, Red Water, Red Deer, British Columbia, Chetwynd, Fort St. John, and Hudson’s Hope. We also carry out other concrete tests that include laboratory analysis of the components of concrete. Concrete quality testing in Edmonton also certifies whether the concrete contains what the manufacturer claims it contains and also, learns more about properties, such as permeability, and durability. Central Material Testing’s Engineers will make certain that the concrete meets the specific standards, particularly for high-stress projects like high-rise buildings and bridges, which creates concrete important to approve that concrete is safe to use and that it will bear years of stress.

Central Material Testing involves various types of material testing to make certain that materials fulfill quality control standards, conserve with any laws and contain the constituents people claim they contain. Our senior Engineers will evaluate the mix design and construction concrete quality control testing for consolidation grouting for tunnels, bridge abutments, dam foundations, and remedial geotechnical engineering for every construction project. Central Material Testing certifies that mix design optimization and discussion for concrete sampling procedures for soil-cement for pavements, sub-base, RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), dams, and embankments.

Field and Lab Testing of Concrete at Central Material Testing

Concrete Testing in EdmontonCentral Material Testing is fully capable to execute field and laboratory testing on concrete, cement, and aggregates according to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM, now ASTM International), ACI (American Concrete Institute), the local city requirements (the City of Edmonton, City of Alberta, etc), and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standards. Central Material Testing’s engineers have practice in concrete quality testing in Edmonton, understanding test results, formulating technical specifications, and mix design optimization for mortar, Portland cement concrete, shotcrete, heavyweight concrete, self-compacting lightweight concrete, high-strength concrete, and zero slump concrete.

Many reputable construction projects are using third-party Geotechnical Engineering firms to investigate their concrete so that the results are neutral, certifying that there will be no qualms about concrete safety in the future. Central Material Testing is one of the important Geotechnical Engineering firms in Edmonton handling all types of concrete testing within the project cost and promptly. 

Concrete Quality Control Testing in Edmonton

Concrete quality testing in Edmonton is carried out for assessing the quality control of concrete structures. Multiple quality tests on concrete such as slump tests, compressive strength tests, permeability tests, etc. are employed to certify the quality of the concrete supplied with a given specification. Concrete quality testing in Edmonton gives an idea about the characteristics of concrete such as durability, strength, air content, permeability etc.

Explore the Concrete Testing in Edmonton for Concrete Quality Check

Concrete quality testing in Edmonton is conducted to determine the respective quality result of concrete. Henceforth, it is not possible to carry out all the tests to identify the quality of concrete. At Central Material Testing; our concrete testing technicians in Edmonton choose the best tests that can give good conclusions about the concrete quality. The prime quality test defines the difference between the concrete specification from the prerequisite and standard concrete specification. The concrete quality testing in Edmonton ensures that the best quality concrete is used at the site so that concrete structural members of desired strength are obtained. At Central Material Testing we also carry out Asphalt Testing in Edmonton on fresh and hardened concretes.

Concrete Quality Testing in Edmonton on Fresh Concrete

Fresh concrete is difficult to handle and careful concrete testing in Edmonton is done with various test options:

Workability Tests: The workability of a concrete mixture is checked by the Compaction factor Test, Vee-bee sensitometer test, and Slump test. 

Setting Time: The action of phase change of mixed cement from a fluid state to a solid state is known as the setting of Cement. Moreover, Initial Setting Time is well-defined as the period lapsing between the time when water is mixed with the cement and the phase at which the needle of a 1 mm square fragment fails to penetrate the test slab to a depth of about 5 mm from the bottom of the frame. Final Setting Time is clear as the period lapsing between the time when water is mixed to cement and the interval at which the needle of 1 mm square piece with 5 mm diameter attachment makes a dint on the test slab. 

  • Segregation resistance
  • Wet analysis
  • Unit weight
  • Heat generation
  • Temperature
  • Bleeding

Air content: It measures the total air content in a section of fresh concrete but does not specify what the final in-place air content is as a certain amount of air is lost in transference, consolidating, placement, and finishing.

Concrete quality Testing in Edmonton on Hardened Concrete

Hardened concrete is difficult to handle and careful concrete testing in Edmonton is done with various test options:

  1. Compressive strength: A cube test is done to evaluate the compressive strength of concrete providing an idea about all the features of concrete.
  2. Tensile strength: Concrete’s tensile strength is one of the elementary and important properties which significantly affect the degree and size of cracking in structures. Furthermore, concrete is very fragile in tension due to its brittle nature. Therefore, it is not anticipated to resist direct tension. Consequently, concrete grows cracks when tensile forces surpass its tensile strength. Thus, it is essential to evaluate the tensile strength of concrete to regulate the load at which the concrete blocks may crack. 
  3. Permeability Tests: To calculate whether the concrete is permeable or not; also, if it can cause corrosion in reinforcement due to the presence of CO2, SO3-, Cl, oxygen, moisture, etc. This creation of rust due to corrosion converts nearly 6 times the size of the steel oxide layer; thus the reason behind crack development in reinforced concrete resulting in spalling of concrete.
  4. Modulus of elasticity: Concrete’s modulus of elasticity is the ratio of stress to the strain within concrete under the pressure of loads.
  5. In situ test: There are several in-situ tests directed on hardened concrete including both destructive and non-destructive. The tests on concrete are Break off tests, pull-out tests, and Schmidt Hammer tests evaluating:
  • Modulus of rupture
  • Density
  • Shrinkage
  • Freeze/thaw resistance
  • Resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Creep
  • Absorption
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Bond to reinforcement

Identify the Design Complexities with Concrete Quality Testing in Edmonton

Concrete quality testing in Edmonton includes the testing and evaluation of the test results for Portland cement mix design optimization. Preparing technical specifications for concrete, shotcrete, mortar, heavyweight concrete, self-compacting lightweight concrete, high-strength concrete as well as zero-slump concrete. Moreover, the concrete testing in Edmonton includes the mix design & construction quality control for grouting for tunnels, bridge abutments, dam foundations, and remedial geotechnical engineering. Central Material Testing includes analysis, design, and construction quality control for plastic concrete cut-off walls and grout curtains for seepage control in dams and tunnels. We offer specialized testing for cementitious grout, Sika grout, and non-shrink grout.

Robust your Construction Projects with Central Material Testing in Edmonton

Concrete is an essential part of construction projects. It is composed of fine aggregates (sand), cement, and coarse aggregates combined with water to get it hardens with time. Concrete is the building material used in heavy construction projects like huge commercial, residential, and industrial buildings as well as road constructions. Concrete gives a firm and tougher surface finish to the areas. Concrete testing in Edmonton is an important parameter to check the strength and surface roughness while the concrete is in a wet or dry state. Concrete quality testing in Edmonton plays a vital role in decision-making for the appropriate use of it according to its strength, density, and suitability for the particular project. Central Material Testing offers you the best testing labs in Albert, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Water, Red Deer, British Columbia, Chetwynd, Fort St. John, and Hudson’s Hope.

Central Material Testing provides consultation and Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) services for concrete construction projects in Albert, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Water, Red Deer, British Columbia, Chetwynd, Fort St. John, Hudson’s Hope. We ensure the construction procedures and materials obey the design assumptions and specifications for the proper construction practices. We are providing engineering and technological knowledge, design specifications, consultation, methodology, and testing procedures for construction projects.

  • Testing for construction of shaft piles, belled piles, compact piles, caissons, footings, mat foundations, and slabs
  • Inspection of rebar concrete for fresh and cured concrete
  • Workability testing including flume testing and slump testing for proper placement of wet concrete
  • Failure investigation

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Central Material Testing is an employee-based company having a group of certified material technicians. We follow standard methods as outlined by the American Standards Testing Methods (ASTM), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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