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Quality Control and Assurance for Construction

What is the most vital trait you looking for in a construction project? It must be non-other than “Quality”, it is what every investor hunts for in return for the cash they pay. The construction projects are valued based on the quality guaranteed and delivered. Highly professional names in the Quality Control and Assurance construction industry outshine on the basis that they never compromise on the quality of the material they use from bricks to cement everything is selected after passing through the bridge of high quality, certifying resilient, abiding constructions that are ready to tolerate environmental calamities.

Construction project scale doesn’t determine the quality of the material required, every project either large scale or not needs to be strong and safe.  You can’t risk your money, so the quality must be top-notch. Now the point to consider is how to check the quality. You can’t determine the quality of the material used by the naked eye it needs to be tested by a certified company.

Edges You Get by Delivering High-Quality Construction Projects

Construction companies take over different construction projects from the market and construct them according to the demand of the investor. To keep your company shining among all the competitors you need to deliver something worth investing in. For quality, you need to consider all the materials required. There are two options available for checking the quality of the Materials Testing in Edmonton. The first option is to purchase the tested one and the other one is to test your material yourself by availing the help of companies providing testing services. According to me, the best option is to send your material to the testing company yourself as there are no chances of fraud in it.

Construction companies are always working hard to give something better and unique, everything is acceptable except the compromise on quality. Quality is something that should not be compromised no matter what cost is charged while maintaining quality. Listed below are the edges the project gets on its high quality

Premium Standard construction:

Everybody has heard the idiom “you reap what you sow” which means you will get what you work for. The same is the principle with construction projects. You will get a better quality building with the use of high-standard materials; it will make your construction foundation strong and long-lasting. Whereas on the other hand, it’s very difficult to maintain the substandard building. It’s merely impossible to renovate a building made up of below-average material as there are chances that little changes will affect the overall foundation of a building. If you investing in a construction project don’t limit the company with a tight budget. Give them leverage to construct according to their standard.

Establish credibility:

 The quality material used for the project gives the ideal results investor can look for, and build the company’s credibility in the market. Those who use substandard materials can never build a name in the market. Their construction project may look the same as of standard but with time it will show signs of poor quality. Professional investors and buyers always hunt for standards before paying, although it cost a little high. It’s just a one-time investment. On the other side, the poor quality structure will need constant maintenance but still, the gap remains there in the quality.

Provides structure durability:

Construction projects require time and money, it’s not just you think about any project, and it is built the next day. Therefore the structure build should be durable. For instance, if an investor wants to have a house he will look for one insuring durability no one has time to change house every other day.  High-quality material is an open secret for durability.

Certifying Structure Safety:

Project using high-quality materials are likely to tolerate different climate changes whereas on the other hand building using substandard materials are always a threat to the people living in them. There are many cases reported in Canada in which the building collapse due to the low standard material. So keep your and other’s life safe by using quality materials for the construction.

5 Steps to Improve Quality Control and Assurance of Your Construction Project:

Quality construction needs a little extra hard work. You need to test the quality of the material before using it. Various companies provide the services of quality control & assurance in Edmonton. You just have to select the best one facilitating you in quality control tests and quality assurance management. We are here in Edmonton to help you create your dream project without compromising the quality of any Material Testing Lab in Edmonton. We are equipped with all expert quality maintenance staff with the latest machinery. Listed below are 5 ways we help improve the quality control and assurance of your project.

Before moving further we should make clear to you what the difference is between quality control and quality assurance. Both words seem to be the same but when you talk about the construction field they are entirely different however part of quality management. Quality assurance forms plans and activities whereas quality control observes these plans and activities to produce the required result.

  • Prerequisite:

It is better to create a pre-design before formally starting to execute the plan. Our skilled team working under the department of quality assurance management visit the construction side deeply examine its need and scope. They will define what the points that need to be passed are and the quality required to assure the safety and durability of the building. The skilled manager of quality assurance management will file all the points to be considered and resolve any confusion within the construction team regarding the structure.

  • Pre-Construction Design:

Now comes the quality control turn. The quality control department will inspect and test if the project capable of meeting the standard set by the quality assurance team. They will propose the design for architects, engineers, building codes, etc. they are the ones whose permission is required on all material proposed, revision, and designs

  • Verifying supplier:

After setting the standard now comes the turn of the selection of material. Construction Companies suggest to the quality department the supplier they thinking to work with. The sample of the material is then taken and tested by the quality testing department. In case the material required is below average the departments will fail the supplier and will to ask to look for some other.

  • During the construction phase:

The quality and assurance management work will remain to continue during the construction time. They provide all the necessary information and documentation to the superintendent who is looking after the project. The quality control officer inspects the site on the set schedule and in case of any quality problem superintendent is considered responsible.

  • Post-construction:

After the project is complete the quality control officer visits the site and inspects the building. They mark the parts which need further improvement. In case the building is perfect without any flows they approve it and that’s all.


The construction business is not just about building it’s about delivering a quality product. You can’t maintain the quality without any external help. You require a contract with a quality testing and Assurance Company. These companies are working worldwide to facilitate construction businesses in delivering quality products. If you are in Edmonton and looking for a quality building we are here to serve you with 100% professional Soil Testing Edmonton services. Our company-skilled employees will help you with a selection of high-quality materials that will make your company produce the desired result.

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