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The construction industry is catching the world’s attention. It is among the most looked-for and emerging fields today. Construction industries are not only providing us erected buildings that enhance the standard of living and boost increased productivity, but it also plays a vital role in the economy of any nation by proving opportunities, employment, and training that plays a key role in economy boost. Opening opportunities for profit and investment.

Construction industries are mainly influenced by five vital factors identified: material, labor, time management, resource availability, and environmental conditions. For material, there are several things you have to consider before finalization.

Material Availability and Testing:

The most common construction projects include buildings, bridges, pavements, and roads and the main raw material used in these construction projects comprises steel, cement, aggregate, asphalt, rocks, and bricks. It is not a problem to source any of the above-mentioned materials in Edmonton for any project but the main problem is to source quality material for the project. The material testing company defines magnitudes by testing. Although it’s vital to test your material for some projects, the government has made it mandatory. Material Testing in Edmonton tests the raw material for the listed qualities:

  • The durability of the material:

Durability is the capability to last long without any major deterioration. The material used in construction projects defines the vision of the constructed structure, its life, and its durability. Sub–standard material used without testing to save the cost will result in a huge loss. Whereas durable facilitates the environment by saving resources and cutting waste and ecological impacts of replacement and repair. Some of the most common durable material includes steel, stone and bricks, concrete, and wood.

To give durability to the construction projects one must avail of material testing services in Edmonton. The material testing company checks the durability of various material and then suggest the best suitable material for the long life of a project.

  • The intensity of a material:

Intensity means the maximum force a material can tolerate. The intensity of different materials is different. To check the intensity Material Testing Lab in Edmonton helps you by passing the material by various tests. If you ignore the testing of material against intensity you can’t provide quality construction. There are chances that you may waste a lot of material while construction as some materials can’t tolerate the intensity of the machinery and equipment used in construction.

  • Structural Integrity:

Structural integrity is an engineering field that assists in certifying whether structural components or structure is suitable for operational conditions and is it safe even when the conditions cross the original design. It provides the structure ability to stand with its planned loading without any fracture, fatigue, or deformation. It is an engineering concept of designing the layout that how the building will last long within its circumstances. Low-quality material may seem cheap at the time of purchase but if you measure the integrity and durability of the structure quality material will look affordable.

Intensity of material
  • Engineering Systems:

Material testing measures the quality of a material, its characteristics, and its behavior in the engineering system of construction. Construction projects involve a huge setup of engineering systems when it’s to the construction of roads, pavements, aircraft construction, or buildings. The testing company checks whether the land or material used is suitable for the engineering system involved. Manufacturers should carefully select the material which can tolerate the system.  Avoid material not suitable for the purpose as it will fail ultimately.

  • Construction products:

Construction products involve a variety of things from materials to tools and equipment. Every product is important and has its benefits. The construction company needs to test its all basic material against all products. People prefer to construct wood houses as the weather in Canada is extremely cold. So if the wood is the main material the construction company will send the sample to material testing services in Edmonton to check whether the wood is suitable for all the construction products or not. Wood is just an example every vital material needs to test to get the desired long-lasting structure.

  • Quality of material:

The project lacking quality is a big failure in the construction industry. If there is no quality rule then every other person can start building by hiring labor and sourcing material. The main purpose behind hiring a professional construction company is to get a constructed project that lasts long and doesn’t need expensive maintenance now and then.

Alone Construction Company cannot produce quality, they need to have contact with various professional Material Testing in Edmonton to insure that the material they used is the best to provide their project with durability and stability. A little negligence in material quality will steal away all your construction company’s hard work by various defects in the building that will appear over time such as cracked walls, water leakage, etc. moreover after some years if you wish for renovations it’s not possible if the building does not have strong foundation using quality material and equipment.

Types of Material Tests Offered by Material Testing Companies:

There are two types of tests offered by any material testing company.

Destructive Test:

A destructive material test is conducted to understand the material behavior or specimen’s performance, the purpose of a destructive test is to test the specimen’s botch. The material testing company has an option to either customized conditions or use a specific standard for testing. In the destructive test, the material sent for testing is broken down into particulars to calculate its physical properties (like strength, flexibility, hardness, and toughness), characterization, failure investigation, and fabrication validation and can create a vital part of critical assessment.

  • Static testing: it includes tests like Compression testing, Tension testing, Hardness testing, Shear testing, and Creep testing
  • Dynamic/ impact testing: it  includes tests like the Izoid test and Charoy Test
  • Cyclic testing

Non-Destructive Testing:

The Non-destructive testing involves the procedure to test, evaluate or inspect the material, and its components to check its various characteristic without destroying the material or its parts. The results of non-destructive testing certified either the material needs repair or is perfectly fine for the project. Nondestructive tests include:

  • Visual Inspection & Evaluation: Some materials don’t need laboratory tests the technician sent by the material testing company can determine their quality by visual inspection.
  • Penetrant Test:  the most common non-destructive test is the penetrant test. This test is economical, and versatile and required a technician from a material testing company to perform it. It checks the water flows in the material.
  • Magnetic Detection:
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • Radiography Test
Understanding of Material Testing

Understanding of Material Testing:

The material testing company provides two types of testing facilities on-site testing and laboratory testing. Some materials can be tested on-site however some need to be tested in the laboratory with the use of various equipment to verify their quality

  • Onsite testing:

Onsite testing is also known as field testing. In field testing, there is no need for any heavy machinery or equipment. Simply an expert professional is sent by the material testing company to certify the quality of the required material. On-site testing involves simple equipment and expert technician from the testing company. The expert engineer checks the quality of the material by visually inspecting and carrying out a few tests on the field.  Although there is no such machinery or lab required for on-site testing but still the results are authentic and reliable if you choose a professional from a material testing company.

 On-site testing includes concrete structure non-destructive testing, the gravity of aggregate testing, mixed concrete weight determination and testing, etc.

Limitation of On-site Testing:

There are certain limitations of on-site testing

  1. it could be either a waste of resources or money if there is no proper management
  2. the person you hire is not capable enough to give authentic results
  • Laboratory testing:

Laboratory testing is the most authentic and best material testing procedure. It’s the second phase of testing after the material is passed by visual testing the technician further refers to laboratory testing for authentic results as the on-site results are a bit ambiguous. The material approved by the laboratory doesn’t need any further testing for approval. The construction company can directly use the approved material in their project without any worries.

For example, laboratory testing is conducted to check the moisture content of a rock or Soil Testing Edmonton via mass, liquid limit, plastic limit test, soil’s plasticity index, coarse aggregate analysis, etc.


Construction projects are dependent on the material testing company to provide long-lasting durable structures. The material testing company tests the material and then suggests the results of whether the material is suitable or not for the project. There are two types of testing on-site testing and laboratory testing, the most accurate and authentic results are of laboratory testing.

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