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Benefits of Compaction Testing

The construction field is getting wider and more complex with time. You need to consider several vital aspects before taking over charge of any construction project, among all Compaction Testing is the most important thing to ponder. In general, compaction refers to a process in which natural sediment gradually drops its absorbency due to pressure.

When it comes to construction the first step after the inauguration is to check the compaction of a base. Sometimes there are large pores in the soil and more air space that is not suggested as an ideal spot to consider. You need to compact the soil with the help of any soil compaction company before formally setting the foundation. Compaction testing in Edmonton is providing its services all over Edmonton for setting an ideal base for your long-lasting project.

Benefiting Your Construction Project with Compaction Testing:

Every construction company aims to stand a project having lifetime stability. To do so they need to prepare the base first that can tolerate the project. For example, if you want to stand a 3-tier cake you need a flat surface, you can’t stand it on a curvy oily surface. The same is the case while standing on any building, road, or pavement.

If you will deeply examine the soil you will come up to the conclusion that from some points it’s flat and at others point it’s not flat. To practically witness just dig a deep hole in a garden, the place which seems to be flat at the start will most probably end up in an aerated, flaky pile, and imagine building your construction project on such a surface, it will provide weak foundation than fully packed soil.

Compaction Materials Testing in Edmonton insures that your base is ideally flat which is required to support structures, pavement, highways, and other categories of construction structures. The initial step in construction deals with providing the soil with higher resistance and greater stability, and it’s the most vital step that needs to be performed with full expertise to save your project from jeopardy.

The construction company should be well aware of the fact that base soil is frequently affected by numerous practices during construction time, like excavating, grading, and trenching. These practices introduce water and air to the mass of soil, and these need to be eliminated to support the construction project. Listed below are the benefits you get after compaction testing:

There are numerous benefits the construction project avail through renowned compaction testing companies. Listed below are some of the most beneficial points:

compaction testing companies

Blessed with Long-Lasting Roads:

The compaction nature of the different projects is diverse. For roads to be compact, a heavy vehicle is droved frequently over the specific area to compact it according to the requirement of roads. Eventually, the plant will stop growing in that specific area. The plant roots are a threat to the roads as they can break soil and make the road unstable. Moreover, compacted soil is difficult to get wet and required more water to get it to destabilize.

So make your soil well compacted before putting asphalt road or laying concrete, for long-lasting roads. Building highways on compacted soil maintains the road shape that will permit it to shed extra water. This means that when soil is compacted before laying concrete or asphalt roads, the roads will last longer. Compacting soil to build a highway also helps form the shape of the road in a manner that will allow it to shed water. For stony roads, soil compaction provides firmer soil and an additional reliable foundation for small stones.

If soil compaction is ignored before constructing roads or highways, the part of the land might experience an undesirable movement of water and soil beneath, possibly affecting (crack or leak) pipes laid underneath and ruining the smoothness of the road by developing holes in it. This not only affects the road but also risks the lives of people driving on that road.

It Boosts Lawns, Baseball, and Golf Course Beauty and Appearance:

Soil Compaction is useful to enhance the appearance and beauty of various lawns, playgrounds, golf courses, and parks. The part of the land where the grass is grown and the soil is well compacted helps in better leveling the ground, which gives a more appealing look to the place. It is vital to compact golf courses before forming them, whereas greenery will provide a stable base to tolerate foot traffic. On the other hand, compacting lawn is an optional choice to give your place a professional and better look. Compaction Testing in Edmonton helps you in compacting your land.

Give Strength to the Buildings:

Several standard-size construction projects are constructed directly on the soil. If soil is not properly compacted by a professional soil Compaction Company there are chances that the building will eventually collapse. Before starting the construction you need to make your soil enough dense so that it could easily bear the weight of the building for life long time without any negative effects by time and weather. Construction companies should first compact the soil enough until they get the required ideal compaction.

If you ignore the air space between the particles of soil or are unable to remove them there are possibilities that in near future the soil and water will start moving beneath, resulting in cracks in the wall and making the foundation of the building weak. That will ultimately result in a structure fall.

Enhance the Capability of Load Bearing:

Soil is the base where the whole construction project will stand. If the base is not properly compacted no matter how strong your building is it will get demolished with time. Buildings and malls are huge projects having trillions of tons of weight. You can’t take a risk of wasting all your money on a piece of last that can’t bear its weight. Before starting the project construction company fully compacted the base to make it able to bear the load of various buildings.

Soil compaction testing

Positive Effects on Greenery in Desiccated Weather:

During desiccated days of years at low density, harvesting of crops started increasing gradually with the rise in soil compaction. It’s all because compacted soil speedup up the seed germination rate by providing optimal seed-to-soil link. The corn planters are specifically designed in a manner to propose modest compaction by planter-mounted packer rolls after seed placement.

It is important to check the soil compaction level with the help of compaction quality control in Edmonton because if the soil compaction exceeds the optimum level it will have negative results.


After going through the above blog it is obvious that soil compaction is the most vital step that should be commenced before the construction physicals start. Compacted soil provides a flat supportive base for any construction project. Compaction is a tricky and vital process therefore you need to be extra careful while performing soil compaction. Hire the best Soil Testing Edmonton company nearby you. The experts from the company will arrive at the place where construction has to be done. Samples are extracted from various spots, the idea behind various soil samples is that you cannot assume that a single spot will give the exact compaction of the overall construction project area. Different spots vary in different compaction levels. All these samples are then sent to the laboratory for testing and quality assurance.

The results are then read by skilled forces who suggest the best compaction rate of that piece of land and suggest ways to compact that base.

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