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Have you witnessed a black sticky material passing by any under-construction highway or road?? I bet all of you have seen it but only a few know what it is. It’s an asphalt, binder blended in with aggregate to make asphalt cement that holds together sand, stone, and gravel following pavement for highways and roads. It is also used in insulation products, sealing, and waterproofing but in a very small percentage. However, the main use of Asphalt Testing in Edmonton is in constructing roadways, parking lots, and runways.

To insure quality roadways asphalt quality should be considered. We want long-lasting roads, no one like the road maintenance process where yellow or red triangles are placed telling roads under construction. Various laboratory tests are conducted in Edmonton to check the quality of the asphalt and the quantity required for the particular area’s weather. You have to consider weather conditions before preparing the asphalt mixture. The asphalt mixing ratio is custom to the weather requirements. Asphalt testing in Edmonton helps you check your asphalt quality and suggest the suitable ratio to produce the long-lasting project

5 Ways to Secure Construction Projects:

Asphalt quality control in Edmonton helps you acing your construction project by selecting the high-quality asphalt and the quality that will give the 100% results any construction company is looking for. Listed below are the five ways in with Material testing in Edmonton benefits construction projects:

Generate quality rides
  • Generate quality rides:

The perfect quality and the exact quality of asphalt assured by asphalt quality control in Edmonton will help your construction company produce smooth pavement surfaces that assist the driver in the quality drive. The smooth roads are beneficial for vehicles as well. It enhances fuel efficiency and lessens the wear & tear of tires. The quality road produced with high-quality asphalt considerably lessens the noise pollution generated. It not only facilitates the users but also gives fame to the names who produced them.

  • Faster construction:

Whenever we see the sign of under-construction roads it instantly gives us a feeling of discomfort as it takes time to pass by them due to traffic jams. The roads constructed using asphalt required less time and are constructed quickly. The road is quickly opened for the traffic after it’s compacted and completely cooled which means better quality asphalt will lead to better traffic flow, less closure time, and happier motorists.

  • Quick and easy maintenance:

The use of better quality asphalt material with the prescribed quantity by an expert quality testing company gives opportunity to your construction company the to build a long-lasting project. Maintenance of Roadways constructed with asphalt can be completed quickly and readily, even by letting the traffic partially open. Moreover, the road is just blocked for a short period. Usually, maintenance of the roadways is done at off-traffic times to have a minimal effect on traffic disturbance

  • Provides vehicles safety:

Broken and uneven roads are dangerous, as they can cause accidents and mishaps. A car going at full speed can have an accident with a sudden bump in the road. Whereas asphalt build roads are dump free, with no thump there.  Quality-checked asphalt roads provide a high level of smoothness and easiness to the driver of the vehicle when compared to other pavement and are relatively safe to drive. It gives the driver a splashback, skid resistance, and improved visual discrepancy between road markings.

  • Better Recycling:

Recycling is a process of reducing the waste amount we throw in the landfill. Recycling helps us to reduce costs as well as waste. It’s a healthy practice and is promoted all over the world. Asphalt once used does not mean that we can’t use it again like other Materials. Asphalt, a recycling material whose lifecycle never gets to end can be used again and again in the construction industry. Once the mixture is laid it can be reused after digging up in the future for maintenance purposes. The recycling property of asphalt helps clean the environment by dropping ecosystem strain.

asphalt Materials

Understanding Asphalt Quality Testing:

The construction companies take the help of quality Soil Testing Edmonton companies to check the quality of the asphalt. Listed below are the test used for asphalt quality checking:

  • Asphalt Ductility Tests: ductility mean what makes asphalt undergo elongation or deformation. The quality testing companies check the sample that what is the most pressure and temperature the sample can tolerate.
  • Fire and flash test: Fire point defines the lowest temperature at which asphalt burns and ignites whereas flash point defines the lowest temperature at which asphalt catches vapor. Both tests are essential and help to manage any fire accidents in asphalt-coated areas. This test defines the grade of asphalt according to the temperature.
  • Asphalt float test: this test defines the consistency of asphalt. But mostly viscosity test and a penetration test is used to check out the asphalt consistency.
  • Asphalt heating loss test: when the asphalt is heated the water content is evaporated and asphalt becomes brittle which is easy to break or damage. Therefore a test is performed to check the amount of loss ness. In this test, the sample is taken and weight is noted accurately. Then the sample is heated in an oven for at least 5 hours. After 5 hours sample is taken out and then cooled at room temperature. Then the weight is checked again and to calculate the loss of weight we minus new weight after heat from the weight before the heat. Its loss weight should not exceed 5% of total weight otherwise it is a low-quality asphalt and you should not use it in your construction project
  • Asphalt penetration test: The penetration value of asphalt is calculated by distance in millimeters. It determines the softness and hardness of asphalt.

Asphalt is the most vital material when working on the construction of roads and highways therefore its quality should also be considered vital. There are a number of companies out there to help Construction Company in getting the best asphalt.

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