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Knowing about human nature millions of people in countries like Canada where there are numerous beaches and oceans invest in land near the sea or ocean view and start their construction to facilitate people and earn profit. The construction near these areas is not as simple as it seems. It is not just about the land and capital. To start construction you have to consider several things and the top one is soil compaction testing. Soil compaction is essential before starting a building.

Have you ever thought about your dream house? We are a part of nature and dream to have a house close to nature. What about having a home in a building near any ocean or beach, waking up with the sweet sound of waves booming on shore, and a little glimpse of sunrise from the window, this is all enough for a person to make him happy and content with life.

What is Soil Compaction?

Soil is the base of any construction project. Before starting we need to get the soil compaction done to check whether it’s suitable for the construction purpose or not. A low compaction rate does not support the structure of a construction project that could be of any roadway, building, or parking lot, and there is a high possibility rate of early pavement failure and a high rate of repair or maintenance.

In simple words, soil compaction ensues when the soil particularly collides, shrinking pore space in between them. Heavily compacted soil is ideal for construction and has limited large pores, high density, and less pore volume.

Soil Compaction Testing for Strong Construction Project Foundation:

Construction near beaches and seashores is very critical, especially in Edmonton. To save your money and time it is better to avail of soil Compaction Testing in Edmonton. The compaction testing in Edmonton will verify that is the plot suitable for the construction site or not. In case the plot soil compaction is not suitable for the construction you could see some other plot and save your money, energy, and time.

How the Compaction Testing in Edmonton is Conducted:

In Edmonton, several soil compaction testing companies are working and facilitating the construction industry to reach its goal. The basic purpose and working of all these compaction testing companies are the same. It starts with a sample collection of soil. The professional expert from the compaction testing company comes and performs excavation from different locations of the site to collect soil samples. All these samples are collected in the presence of a professional field technician. The purpose behind the collection of samples from various locations of the site is to get all the possible representatives of soil types that may exist on the site. Normally large construction projects cover a large area of land and the soil type mainly differs at different spots. Each mixture or type of soil gains diverse properties. The skilled technician sent by the compaction testing company can easily recognize the difference in soil types and will guide you to the best spots of extractions. Along with the site soil extraction, it’s preferable to take some stock samples also. A stock sample is taken when the company’s technicians feel that the stock sample and the site sample may gain different properties.

All these samples will be handed over to the laboratory for authentic soil compaction testing. At the lab, they will determine the ideal moisture content and supreme dry density. The skilled technician at the lab will then examine deeply various moisture conditioning of different soil types. After the soil is ready it is shifted to the cylindrical mold to get compacted at different weighted and moisture content.

This test clarifies how much material compacts at different moisture amounts. Too dry material will not be compressed tightly. Water is added to make it compact better to the point it is perfectly compact, and ultimately dry density is increased. The unit weight is calculated after removing the weight of the water. Once the material exceeds the perfect water level, the water will start displacing the material and the untimely dry density level will start dropping, forming a curve. The top of the curve is known as the maximum dry density and ideal level of moisture for the material. To perform these tests you need to get help from the best Material Testing Lab in Edmonton.

Nuclear Gauge Testing:

The last but not least phase of compaction testing includes the utilization of the soil’s nuclear gauge. Soil compaction services company skilled field technician is sent to the site along with the nuclear gauge. A nuclear gauge consists of 2 radioactive isotopes having almost the same mass. The nuclear gauge emits radiation into the soil. This machine has a sensor inside them to check what amount of radiation will move it back to the machine. It is used by the technician to check two things, the hydrogen content of the soil that is directly linked with the moisture content and the other one is to check the wet density.

Both readings are utilized by the nuclear gauge to analyze the dry density of the site. The results are then compared with the optimal level of dry density that was predicted through the lab testing and is stated in percentage. Usually, the requirement of the maximum dry density is between 90% and 95%. A slight change in material can drastically affect the result, failing. So an experienced technician is required to hire from a known compaction testing company so he could figure out all the possible changes.


The construction project is expensive and requires a lot of hard work money and time. Soil is the base for the construction project to start working on the base it is vital to check whether the base can accommodate the construction project or not. To check the validity of the base construction company needs to get help from a soil compaction testing company. The Soil Compaction Testing company approval saves money and time.

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